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Episode 1: Disconnect

In this episode, Greg learns that the world might end today. What has Ophelia come to tell him? Whatever you do, “do not use your cell phone!”

Episode 2: Lock Every Lock

In this episode, Ophelia tells Greg how she barely escaped with her life.  What did Ophelia bring in her backpack?  And how will they protect themselves?

Episode 3: They’re Here

Greg and Ophelia do everything to protect themselves from the coming apocalypse. But will it be enough?

Episode 4: Face to Face

Someone has to go out and fight the enemy…who will sacrifice themselves?  And what happens when they come back?

Episode 5: Connect

Over dinner, Greg realizes what is actually happening. But what can they do about it?

Episode 6: Occam’s Razor

Everything is revealed.  The final episode.